who, me?

Creative consulting, content strategy, marketing ideation and productivity coaching is what I do in my real life. In my secret other life, I'm a writer, an emcee and an Austin enthusiast.

I work with small business clients to optimize what they have, think our way to new cool marketing campaigns and make sure their online content doesn't suck. 

I'm a fan of interesting opportunities and companies that give a damn. And microphones. And puppies. Find my writing and media work below. 
New Market Consultant
Moontower Entertainment
Digital Consultant
Alamo Drafthouse
Emcee & Host
Dirty Dog Grooming
Community Consultant
Weekend DJ
Saturdays & Sundays
Austin Visitors Guide
  1. Dell
    I began work at Dell in 2005 and had various roles there, including enterprise support, onboarding, communications and launching their internal blog.
  2. RGV Life
    RGV Life
    My illustrious career began at the tender age of 14 working at my dad's drycleaners with no AC & a lot of Selena.
  3. Notre Dame
    Notre Dame
    I graduated from Notre Dame with a BBA in MIS & English in 2002. I'm also relatively fluent in conversational Spanish. My diploma remains unframed.
  4. Yelp
    Beginning in 2010, I built Yelp's community from the ground up, formed strategic partnerships, supported business owners, created training & led social.