productivity power hours

It's worth one hour of your time to 
increase productivity, make peace with digital tools & feel more in control of your inbox.

Inbox Zero Hero

Group Coach


A 1x1 meeting to dig through digital stressors, install apps and plugins and manage any particular projects you'd like to get through.

We can also tackle overloaded inbox and technical issues.

Cost: $100/hour, $55 for additional
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A laptops-up small group workshop addressing actionable (!!) strategies, calendar goals, email hacks and team communications. 10 max

Great for coworkers, teams, non-profits and as gifts.

Cost: $300 + 15 min follow up per person.
Also available as a series

This training is designed to make a veteran group more productive or to orient new hires for max efficiency (both group and personal.)

Excellent add to orientations and as continued learning.

Cost: Custom per needs and time. Deep dive on tools also available.

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